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Just a heads up, I don't think I'll be posting much here anymore (haha I say that like my last post wasn't from over a year ago).  I'll still be using it to check for updates from people and such, but if you want to see my art, you can find me at the following sites:


May still post to communities and such here, but that'll probably be about it.  Thanks, everyone!

Because I think I really need to start documenting a to do list... feel free to ignore :DCollapse )


And then this quarter will be over!  Hurray!

I think this has been the roughest quarter I've had so far.  Not quite over yet, but I just remind myself that I'm almost there.  I'm actually sitting in my business law class right now.  We're supposed to be using this time to finish our final paper... but I already did.  Can't leave early though :(  Figured I'd make an entry because then at least it looks like I'm typing? <_<
Project Management this quarter has been pretty..... fffffffffffffffff  That's class I'm doing that Wizard of Oz remake in.  Even had to make a "professional" myspace page for it (some of you noticed already) to act as a bit of a portfolio...  I thought that was kinda lame, actually.  Yeah, MySpace is a networking site and all, but is it really the place to showcase your work?  Should it have been better to have a portfolio site to link to?  Or something of that nature?  I know a lot of artists, musicians, comedians, etc use the site to promote themselves and all, but still.  Maybe I can't wrap my head around it being "professional".  This class in general has been my main source of stress for the quarter.  At least I'll never have to take it again.  I have some more ranting to do about it, but it's a little more on the personal level, so I'll go on about it in a locked entry.
Most of the other classes are going well, everything else seems easy... compared to project management, anyway.  hahahaha D:

Also, I decided to open up some super cheap commissions until April 23, for details see my DA Journal here. If you're interested, feel free to message me here or on DA.  If you know someone who might be interested, pass it along.  Thanks :>

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I decided to disable that daily tweeting thing. Instead, if you're really curious about how boring my daily grind is, you can just follow me through twitter.  Real updates coming soon.  Maybe even an art update with stuff from my project management class.  Which, now that I'm thinking about it, you should all come visit my group's blog and give us some love and support.  'Til then!

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  • 08:27 Had a bought of insomnia last night blargh #
  • 12:55 All i want to say is fffff #
  • 17:05 Hoping our other "team mate" dropped the class. We dont need the dead weight #
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  • 13:27 I am my own worst enemy and critic #
  • 23:35 been watching episodes of Dexter while working on projects. Very interesting. #
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  • 19:57 been working on project management stuff pretty much all day. #

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  • 14:15 Wondering why twitter doesn't seem to be getting the updates I make by text message ;o #

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  • 11:59 Wishing I had time for a nap, but just got off of work and class in less than an hour :( #

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  • 18:49 Made a collage of win and now time for some thai food #
  • 19:53 @daikoneklectik Holy crap, your nephew looks is really looking like his dad in that pic #
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